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Welcome Families!

If you have a child who is Deaf or hard of hearing and you are looking for more information about American Sign Language (ASL), we encourage you to explore the up-to-date information and resources about ASL available in Ontario on our site.

The Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services contracts with Silent Voice to provide Infant Hearing Program (IHP) ASL services for children with permanent hearing loss that are part of IHP.

Some IHP families together with their team of professionals will have a discussion about learning ASL for their child. If your child will be learning ASL, they will be working with an ASL Consultant. Our ASL Consultants facilitate, motivate and empower families to provide a language rich environment for their child to acquire ASL.

We have carefully selected a wide array of information from different websites, research, educational institutions, agencies, organizations, programs & services and complied brief introductory summaries of the resources on our website. The on-line resources are organized into three sections:

Bring ASL Home
This section includes direct links to different apps, books, DVDs, games, YouTube channels, and websites that will interest your Deaf child and the whole family.

Get Involved
This section provides information and resources on how you can participate in the world of ASL and the Deaf community in Ontario. This includes information on ASL family-friendly events, programs, organizations, ASL classes in Ontario and much more.

This section guides the family of a Deaf child on a journey into the world of ASL, ASL-English bilinguals, and the Deaf community.

Are you searching for specific information that is not on this website? Please contact us.

Welcome aboard,

Megan Youngs
Director of IHP ASL Services
Silent Voice Canada

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