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The first few years of a baby’s life are critical for developing language. The Infant Hearing Program (IHP), through the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, provides screening, assessment and intervention services to identify and support children identified with permanent hearing loss to achieve their full potential. Intervention services include amplification and a range of spoken and sign language services including American Sign Language delivered by trained professionals. Services are provided from birth to school entry.

Qualified IHP ASL Consultants facilitate, motivate and empower families to provide a language rich environment for their child to acquire ASL. IHP ASL Consultants also monitor the child and family’s ASL language learning progress using standardized outcome based metrics. The language learning goals of the family are to be developed, revised and updated regularly to meet the outcomes of the family’s Communication Development Plan. The provision of IHP ASL services is family centered and coordinated with the rest of the IHP team.

IHP ASL Consultants provide each family with a unique and individualized learning plan to accommodate their language learning goals and needs. This learning plan includes:

  • ASL instruction focusing on the language needs of young Deaf children and their families
  • Information on ASL developmental milestones
  • Information on how to encourage a child’s language and early literacy development through play
  • Support for the parents/caregivers in incorporating ASL into their daily lives
  • Assistance for the family in accessing local community resources and participating in Deaf cultural events


For more information about IHP Communication Development Services, please contact your local IHP Coordinator in your area – LOCATIONS


The Infant Hearing Program (IHP) is a province-wide program of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services that identifies babies born deaf or hard of hearing and provides services to these children and their families to support language and early literacy development so they are ready to start school.

IHP provides:

  • Universal newborn hearing screening in hospitals and community settings
  • Audiology assessment and hearing aid selection
  • Monitoring for those babies born at risk of early childhood hearing loss
  • Services to support language development in infants and preschool children who are deaf or hard of hearing

For more information please check their website – Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

For more information about your child’s hearing and/or early language & literacy development please contact your local IHP office. Click HERE for locations and contact information for regional offices.


Silent Voice is the provider of the Infant Hearing Program (IHP) American Sign Language (ASL) Services, and is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ Infant Hearing Program. We specialize in the provision of ASL language and literacy development for children ages 0 to 6 years throughout the province of Ontario. 

Silent Voice is a not-for-profit charitable organization founded in 1975. We are dedicated to improving communication and relationships between the Deaf and hearing in families and in our community. Silent Voice is an agency grounded in Catholic values, offering services to the whole community. We value and respect the dignity and worth of ALL people.

We are the only organization in the Greater Toronto Area offering community and family-based support and services to Deaf children, Deaf youth and Deaf adults and their families in an American Sign Language (ASL) environment. Silent Voice provides different programs and services catering to all ages. 

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