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Games & Toys

American Sign Language Blocks

Grasping the ABCs of American Sign Language is child’s play when your little learner gets a hold of these educational blocks. Character-filled cubes are printed with easy-to-follow diagrams of alphabetic hand signs and embossed letter forms that can be traced by tiny fingers. Handcrafted in Michigan of basswood grown in the Great Lakes area and printed with non-toxic inks.

Animal Alphabet Match-up

Encourage expressive language, increase vocabulary and stimulate intellectual development in young children with these match-up puzzles.

See It and Sign It American Sign Language Game

See It and Sign It™ Level One, is an easy-to-follow game that teaches American Sign Language the fun way! It’s six games in one, plus a DVD with live action demonstrations of the hand signs.

See It and Sign It Level 2

The second edition of the award-winning series, this easy-to-follow game teaches American Sign Language with six games in one! It includes a DVD with live demonstrations of signs. Categories of signs include: Food, Occupations, Outdoors, Transportation, Animals, Education, Sports, Medical, Family, Home, Time, Location, Question Signs (fingerspelling and additional numbers included).

Sign Language Pocket Flash Cards

These colorful flash cards make it fun to learn sign language. Package contains 26 manual alphabet cards, 26 basic sign cards, and four information/activity cards with rounded corners. Great for learning at home, school, or on the go!

100 Signs for Parents

Make communicating fun and easy with age-appropriate signs in categories like Animals (bird, dog, horse), People (daddy, mommy, we/us), Feelings (cry, happy, I love you), Play (ball, read, swim), Common Signs (please, school, share) and Clothes (diaper, pants, shoes).

Sold in sets of 50, these booklets are perfect to hand out to siblings, grandparents, teachers, or anyone who is interested in American Sign Language. You’ll be amazed by how quickly and effortlessly very young children pick up signed vocabulary!

Also included are the American Manual Alphabet and the numbers 1-10 in ASL.

ASL Handshape Game Cards

ASL Handshape Game Cards transform the process of learning sign language into playful activities. Even skilled signers will find challenges. Each game can be played with different numbered groups of cards to make the game more difficult as the skill level requires. Not limited to students, the ASL Handshape Game Cards appeal to signers of all ages. The Game Cards are also an excellent play-and-learn tool for Deaf children, their siblings, and friends. While exploring handshapes and the signs-and words-that can be formed with them, children enrich their appreciation of one of the basic elements of American Sign Language and add to their growing vocabulary.